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Proudly Australian Owned and Run since 2000.

We are first and foremost a supplier of custom printed balloons in all shapes and sizes, from the long and skinny adwave balloons right up to the Giant 3ft latex balloons and Giant PVC Inflatables. We are an Australian owned and operated Company and proudly so. We work every single day of the year thanks to the modern technology that is now at our disposal, we take our Ipads everywhere with us, our Iphones are always connected, we answer emails day and night and weekends, our customers requirements come first always. We set up www.balloonevent.com.au to be the complete balloon printing service, we set it up deliberately as an online business, publishing all of our prices freely for you to see and we have calculated everything for you so your job of obtaining a price is easy. We find it so frustrating that balloon printing companies hide their prices or make it so difficult to work out how much it will cost you for a printed balloon, or they give you a price and then have hidden essentials, such as screen charges, or set up fees or delivery or g.s.t. OUR PRICES INCLUDE EVERYTHING.  We have been in the balloon and event industries for more than 25 years, we know almost everything that there is to know about balloons, their applications, their limitations, the best way to use them, the best accessories to choose and use for your events. We also understand that printing the balloon is the easiest part, then you have to inflate the balloons, that is the most time consuming and challenging aspect of most events, we can assist you with this also if required, either by supplying you with time saving accessories, to save your fingers, save you time and energy or to assist you by helping you at the event with inflation professionals.

We have also sourced International Printing operations for some specialty balloons and for large quantities of balloons, so we are able to cover all of your balloon printing needs, from 100 to 1 million balloons in all shapes and sizes, we aim to provide you with everything you may need.

Please contact us at any time by email or Phone or by our "LIVE CHAT" , we will respond very very quickly, we promise you that.

The team of dedicated professionals at www.balloonevent.com.au   

( A part of the Balloon Group Pty Ltd )

An Australian owned and operated company.