We will always respond to any questions you may have very quickly, you can either "live chat" with us when we have operators online, or you can email or call us and we will reply quickly, some questions we may be able to answer here.

Q. How quickly can I get my printed balloons?

A. Our normal turnaround time is 5 days from the time you sign off on the finished proof sheet that we send through to you after receiving your order. We do offer a rush service and can print and send your order to you in as little as 3 days, this will depend on the quantity of your order, the complexity of your order & where the order needs to be sent. Additional charges do apply for a rush service and this service is subject to availability, please know we will do everything possible to work with you to assure you are completely satisfied.

Q. When do I pay for my printed balloon order?

A. Once we have received your order, whether by email, phone or online order,  we will then create or use your artwork to create a proof sheet, this proof sheet will be emailed to you for approval & we will call you to discuss any relevant details. On the bottom of this proof sheet is a section for payment options, full payment must be received prior to commencement of your order.

Q. Where are we located?

A. We are located in Brisbane but we print our balloons in different locations, depending upon the type of balloons & quantity required.

Q. Are the balloons helium grade quality and why is this important?

A. We only print on the very best helium grade quality latex balloons to assure that you receive the best possible result, not only in printing of the balloons, but also when you inflate the balloons, the less that burst, the better value for money for you, do not be fooled into a cheaper quality balloon, they will not inflate as well or as large and they will burst more often, causing you and your customers to have a sad feeling rather than a good feeling, balloons should be fun. Also if you are inflating the balloons with helium, the more that burst, the more money it's costing you in helium balloon gas.

Q. Is the print a silk screen print and why is this important?

A. A silk screen print gives the best possible ink coverage and a superior result to any other printing process on latex balloons.

Q. I am giving away my printed balloons, should I helium fill them or air fill them?

A. There is no doubt that a helium filled balloon on a clip & ribbon is the preference of anyone who receives one, it floats, they can tie the ribbon around a child's hand or on a pram, or their own wrist, when you helium fill the balloon it floats up perfectly for people to read your message, but the downside is the cost, helium filling printed balloons is the more expensive option. Air filling your balloons is the lesser expensive of the 2 options, using this option you fill the printed balloon with air and attach a stick & cup, the cup seals the balloon, the stick inserts into the underside of the cup, your balloon does not float but it sits upright for everyone to see your image, providing the customer holds the stick in the upright position. Air filling your balloon and using a stick and a cup it will last a lot longer, you can inflate them ready the day before with no problems, whereas helium will only last 10 to 12 hours after you inflate the balloon, so you must inflate with helium a couple of hours before you require them for your event.

Q. What is the minimum order I can place?

A. Depending on the type of balloon you are wanting printed, the minimum or is 1 up to 1 million. Giant Inflatables you can order just one, we manufacture and print those out of one of our sister factories in China and ship them to Australia by DHL. One colour 28cm latex balloons, the minimum is 100 and we print them right here. Every page of our website, which has all of the balloon shapes and sizes that we print on details clearly how long it takes to get them printed and what the minimum requirement is. All of our prices include g.s.t. & delivery and all set up charges, with the exception of special requirements.

Q. Our pricing policy

A. We are one of the few, if not the only balloon printing company in Australia that show all of our prices for all to see, we do not hide screen charges, we do not hide g.s.t or shipping and these can add up. Some balloon companies quote you without these include and as such their prices can appear less expensive. We include everything. We will not supply or print on inferior balloons to be cheaper, the problem with cheaper balloons is that they have a greater tendency to burst when being inflated, they tend to have a greater rate of failure, the colours of inferior balloons are not as vibrant, they can be very wishy washy in appearance as they are not highly pigmented and the pigment makes up a lot of the cost when manufacturing a balloon. We print a very solid well pigmented ink on the balloons to give the best coverage possible, cheap inks give a cheap effect. So when we are given the opportunity to match prices, which we always try to do, we must take into account that there are some companies out there that may use an inferior product and produce inferior results.